3rd Global e-Conference on Fit

The Future of Fit and Misfit Research

12th-13th November 2009



Keynote Presentations


New Directions in Organizational Fit
Jon Billsberry, The Open University
Amy Kristof-Brown, University of Iowa

Ten Compelling Reasons for Incorporating Time in Fit Research
Karen Jansen, University of Virginia
Abbie Shipp, Texas A&M University



Scholarly Track


Mapping Fit: Maximising Idiographic and Nomothetic Benefits
Danielle Talbot, The Open University
Véronique Ambrosini, Cranfield University
Jon Billsberry, Coventry University


Virtual Fit or Misfit: Creating Strategies for Recruiting and Hiring Online Instructors
Bob Barrett, American Public University


Interpersonal Fit and the Process of Organizational Socialization
John Kammeyer-Mueller, University of Florida
Pauline Schilpzand, U.S. Military Academy at West Point


A Motivational Model of P-E Fit: Exploring the Psychological Experience Underlying Antecedents of P-E Fit
Kang Yang Trevor Yu, Nanyang Technological University


Managing the Fit Process
Corine Boon, University of Amsterdam
Deanne Den Hartog, University of Amsterdam


Person-Organization Fit: Processes of Comparison and Adaptation
Annelies Van Vianen, University of Amsterdam
J. W. Stoelhorst. University of Amsterdam
Marije de Goede, University of Amsterdam


A Discourse Perspective on Fit: Understanding the Meaning of Organisation Fit and Misfit to a Manager
Jennifer Hennessy, Waterford Institute of Technology
Thomas Garavan, University of Limerick


Conceptualizing Person–Environment Fit as Ideal–Actual Goal Discrepancies: What can the Fit Literature Learn from Goal-Based Theories of Self-Regulation?
Russell Johnson, University of South Florida
Meng Taing, University of South Florida
Chu-Hsiang Chang, University of South Florida


The Role of Affectivity in Perceptions of Person-Environment Fit
Doruk Uysal Irak, Carleton University
Janet Mantler, Carleton University


Co-Worker Relations and Person-Organization Misfit
Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury
Helena Cooper-Thomas, University of Auckland


Fitting Person-Environment Fit Theories into the Cultural Contexts: Stimulating Field Expansion by Looking at the ASA Process through a Cultural Lens
Yih-teen Lee, IESE Business School, Barcelona
Aarti Ramaswami, ESSEC Business School, Paris


The Dance of Fit: A Psycho-Social Perspective
Simon Cavicchia, Metanoia Institute
Steve Hearsum, Deboxing Ltd.


A Conservation of Resources View of Person-Environment Fit
Anthony Wheeler, University of Rhode Island
Jonathon Halbesleben, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire


Person-Organization Fit, Organizational Citizenship, and Social-Cognitive Motivational Mechanisms
Christian Resick, Drexel University
Tomas Giberson, Oakland University
Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University
Kevin Wynne, Wayne State University
Linda Bajdo, Macomb County Community College


Status Perception Incongruence in Teams
Elizabeth Ravlin, University of Southern Carolina
David Thomas, Simon Fraser University
Anna Katherine Ward, University of Southern Carolina


A New Direction in Person-Organization Fit: Person-Goal Fit
Margaret Horner, Texas A&M University
Stephanie Payne, Texas A&M University



Doctoral Zone


Experimenting with Homogeneity and Creativity
Sukhvir Manak, Coventry University


Innovativeness and Creativity: The Dark Side of Homogeneous Teams
Kim-Chi Nguyens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Rein De Cooman, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Matthijs Bal, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tim Vantilborgh, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


A Question about Ethics
Ross Davidson, The Open University


A Case for Multilevel Models in Fit and Some Burning Questions
Patrick Nelson, The Open University


A Discourse Perspective on the Meaning of PO Fit
Jennifer Hennessy, Waterford Institute of Technology
Thomas Garavan, University of Limerick


Fit and the Problem of Defining Organizational Boundaries
Steve Godrich, The Open University


Tracking Down Misfits
Brenda Hollyoak, Coventry University


Fit, Misfit and Short-Term Absenteeism
Gary Connor, Coventry University